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What is website design?
Website design or web design refers to the stages of designing and building an Internet website to inform and introduce the company and display its products. Website design is a process consisting of web page layers, content creation, graphic design, and compliance with SEO principles. Before reviewing the website design steps, Let’s take a quick look at its design history.

What is the history of web design?

Made by Tim Bernersley, inventor of the web, He is named as the first web developer in history by launching the first website in 1991. In the first location, Hypertext and communications were used to send email. In this simple text site, No drawings, photos or even coloring are used and it is still available.

What are the stages of website design?

As we mentioned, Website design means designing, building and launching a website or improving an old website on the Internet. Web design consists of 4 main steps, Each is described below.

Step 1: Wireframe design

First, we design an overview of the site according to the type of site and the client’s needs. This view includes a general map of the site’s pages and the location and arrangement of various elements. This stage of website design is called “wireframe design”.

The second step: Graphic design of the website

After determining the positions of site elements, We need website design. At this stage, the website is designed according to the type of work on the Internet and using special programs for coloring and graphics.

Step 3: Coding and programming

According to the designed site and the client’s needs, At this stage, different methods can be used to manage the site. Content management systems like WordPress or designing a custom software framework. Decisions in this department are made based on costs and customer needs.

Step 4: Site preparation

After completing the previous 3 steps, We will launch the website on the global Internet platform. At this stage, After setting up the appropriate Host and Domain Name, We prepare the site and make it available to the public.

Website design
Website design
What are the duties of a website designer?

A website designer’s duties depend on which part of the website he or she is responsible for designing and building. To create a professional website, Two teams or two people are needed. A team to design the look and feel of the site and a team to design server codes and codes that are not visible to users.

Types of website design

In the previous part, we learned about the concept of the front-end and back-end of the website. Now we will study the types of website design.

The sites are divided into two general categories: Static website and dynamic website.

On fixed sites:

Only the front part is done, That is, the contents of the site are collected only once, and each page of the site is designed and loaded separately. Any changes to these sites must be made by the site designer and expert. This model is usually used to design introductory websites (the content of which does not change for a long time).

Dynamic website:

In designing these websites, both the front and back parts are programmed. Dynamic sites require constant changes in content and are designed and developed according to the use of the site. On dynamic sites, The backend programmer is responsible for making the website dynamic and he must design a script that makes the entire website dynamic.

But what we will discuss next is examining the question “What is the purpose of web design and what could be the purpose of its design?”

In today’s world, For almost all purposes, The website is designed to be used as a base for information, sales, etc. The most successful of these sites are those that have properly followed the principles of site design and optimization to display content to their audience. Designing and building an effective and successful website makes it possible to provide the audience with the latest products with their full specifications in the shortest possible time.

Where to start in website design?

The most important factor to become a professional web designer is to learn the basic concepts and then gain experience. The best reference in the field of learning web design can be project-based training in the field of web design. By doing different projects during training, You can gain initial experience in developing websites and connecting them to the Internet. Below, We will explain step by step the steps you need to take to become a professional web designer.

The first step: Learn HTML language

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, Which in Persian is called “Hypertext Markup Language”. HTML is used to create the main body and overall structure of web pages. This language works with tags (classification and tagging in displaying site content) and it is these tags that define the elements used in a web page.

The second step: Learn CSS language

The second step for anyone planning to design a website is to use CSS Cascading Style Sheets. This language is used to beautify and format web pages. With the help of CSS, You can specify properties such as color, font, dimensions, size, how to arrange elements, etc. on the web page.

The third step: Learn JavaScript language

By mastering HTML and CSS languages, You will be able to design static web pages. but today, Users are becoming more accepting of interactive and dynamic websites. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​that makes a website dynamic. It supports different programming methods. This language can be used for server-side programming, mobile applications, games, and desktop applications.

The fourth step: Learn a server-side programming language like PHP
Web developers are divided into two categories:

Client-side programmers: Website appearance design
Server-side programmers: They implement the site’s logic

In order to have a useful and useful website, It’s not enough to have a beautiful design; In addition to form and beauty, Websites also need correct and effective content. Websites should be designed in a way that properly meets the needs of the users.

In large web projects, It is necessary to use a server-side language. The importance of using programming language is clearly defined when we want to communicate between the user, database and server. By learning PHP, You can write scripts to get information from users and after processing this information, Return it to the user.

We hope you have gained enough information about website design.
as you see, Website designing is a very difficult and complex process that requires experts who are fully familiar with the international web and Google.
Therefore, If you need a website, You can leave these matters to us at the best prices.
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Website design terms

In addition to the things mentioned above, Website design terms are also important to consider. Setting up a site is just like setting up a store; You should think of a suitable location, name, manager, etc. Creating a successful website requires 4 main parts: Includes the following:

Choose the correct domain name
Hosting (renting space to log in and store information and site content)
Beautiful and practical template design
Site management and monitoring system

How is the cost of website design estimated?
To estimate the cost of website design, You must first answer these questions:

ما هي التسهيلات التي لديك في الاعتبار لموقعك؟
What is the benefit of the website for your business?
Need a custom skin?
In addition to the site administration panel, Do you want to have a user account management panel?
By answering accurately and completely the questions we asked, You can predict the cost of website design to some extent.

Note that many factors affect the cost of designing your website. These include:

Domain or website address

A domain is the address of your website, which can have different extensions such as .com, ir., co. And…for the record. The cost of these areas varies from each other. So the first thing we should pay attention to is the domain name. The site address is rented on an annual or five-year basis, and is yours as long as you pay the rent. If you refuse to pay the rent, the site domain is released and another applicant can own it.

It’s expenses
You should know that a host is a computer that is connected to the Internet all day and night. So, When you host a website, It can be accessed from anywhere. The host your site will be built on and where that host is located (in Iran or other countries) can affect your costs. Because anyone can access the provided content at any time of the day or night by entering the website address. So, Secure and reliable hosting is very important and is costed monthly or annually.

Website design fees

As we mentioned before, Today the web is designed using different programming methods and techniques. Today the web is designed using different programming methods and techniques.

Website design using coding
Website design using ready-made systems
Choosing which of these methods depends on what you want to do, of course, For each of these methods you have to pay for the website design.

in addition to, Factors such as the skill of the designer, design technology, design safety, etc., They are also effective in determining the price of website design.

When you get your website from the design team, You need a training course to manage it. You must receive the necessary training to be able to control site orders, import new products, update previous products, etc. Taking these training courses will naturally impact your overall site costs.

The cost of producing content
We all know that content production is very important for the success of a website. A site that does not have fresh, engaging, and SEO-optimized content cannot rank well from Google. The price in this section varies according to the ability and experience of the content production expert.

Facilities required
What features do you want to have on your website? For example, Do you want to have a payment gateway on site? Or do you want to activate the membership feature for your site? All of these things affect the cost of designing your website.

The cost of SEO for the website
Keep in mind that internal site SEO can involve different costs depending on the type of format, programming language, size, and type of content.

Website design
Website design
Website support fees

Depending on the type of activity, Each site needs different support, like: Regular updating of codes and templates, Check the site’s progress on Google, Daily, weekly and monthly Google checks, etc., The website support cost is one of the most important costs that you must calculate. For example, After your site is up and running, You may encounter problems such as disrupting the normal functioning of the site. So, You need the support of your web design team, Which you have to pay for.

So now we know what website design is, How is this done and how much does it cost? Now we want to talk about website design software.

As you know, There are many programs and tools for designing websites, And if you want to try website design, You must use website design programs. Website design tools are very diverse and numerous, But some of them are more useful and are used by most designers.

beginning, It is essential to know that the website design process is done in two ways. Website design using a programming language and website design without using a programming language. The following table shows some of the most commonly used website design software.

Some website design programs using programming languageSome website design programs using programming language
google web designer


net objects




Word Press



We hope you have gained enough information about website design.
as you see, Website designing is a very difficult and complex process that requires experts who are fully familiar with the international web and Google.
Therefore, If you need a website, You can leave these matters to us at the best prices.
To know the definitions, Visit our services page or call our WhatsApp numbers.


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